NPC FOOD PANTRY: Frequently Asked Questions

The Pantry will be open Mon, Wed & Fri, from 10am-12pm. Currently, individuals are allowed inside only in limited numbers at once, with social distancing in place and masks required. Thank you.
1) How much food can you buy with donated money?
We generally purchase all our food from the Food Bank, where we buy case lots. A typical bi-weekly order might be around 2,000 pounds and would cost around $1,500. Compare the average price of items bought from the food bank, below, with store prices:

* 18 oz. soups – $0.59 * 18 oz. peanut butter – $1.50 * Box of cereal – $1.30 * 15 oz. canned fruit – $0.72 * 5 oz. tuna fish – $0.56 * 1 pound hot dogs – $1.00 * 1 pound fish sticks – $1.92

* 2 pounds chicken nuggets – $4.12
2) What population do you typically serve?
We serve residents of Chemung County. If someone from out of that geographic area comes to our pantry for food, they are given food that one time only and are referred to a pantry in their own area for future needs.
3) Have you seen an increase in number of people you are serving?
Yes, every year we see an increase. Last year, we served 5317 people, an increase of 300 over the previous year.


4) Are you seeing a different population in the last 5 years?
Yes, we are seeing more senior citizens raising grandchildren on a limited income, some homeless people, and people you might not expect to need food pantry assistance, like retired teachers or nurses.


5) What is the average number of people served?
In 2016 we served an average of 443 people a month.
6) What times of the week are you open?
We are open Wednesday and Friday from 10 am to 12 noon. We’re closed for legal holidays and school snow days.
7) How does the Food Pantry operate?
We operate totally with volunteer workers who interview clients, bag food, stock shelves, unload trucks, order supplies, pick up donations from local stores, sort donated clothing, and keep the pantry neat and clean. We receive donations of food from Wegman’s and Weis grocery stores, and donations of money and/or food from other churches, individuals and organizations. The pantry also receives two annual collections of food from the Boy Scout Food Drive and the Postal Carriers Food Drive. Clients can come for food every 30 days, and they can take donated clothing when they are there for food.
8) How do our donations help?

Donations of food and personal need items (soap, toilet paper, shampoo etc.) are greatly appreciated and help us augment what we have to give out. Monetary donations let us stretch our budget by purchasing more from the Food Bank at the lower prices.