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Our Lord has declared, “I make all things new” (Rev. 21:5). When a new baby arrives, as parents or grandparents we rejoice and welcome the baby with love and affection. When we move into a new house, we are usually positive about the move despite the minor adjustments that must be made. Who is happier than an average male who buys a new car and then sits behind the wheel of that car for his first drive? The new can be exciting, attractive, compelling.
Jesus said, “I make all things new”, but is that always a happy and comforting thought? When we face the unknown, when we lose the security of the familiar, we can easily become troubled or anxious. What is worse than being told that a cherished relative or friend is moving to Florida or has contracted an incurable illness? Such “news” is discouraging; it upsets our world. What if suddenly we must make a career change, or take on the responsibility of an overwhelming task? A new situation may bring challenge and excitement, but undoubtedly it presents us with problems and often discouragements.
I am new to you. I’m your “T.S.P.” – your Temporary Supply Pastor. And you are new to me.  The “One who makes all things new” has brought us together. Are we excited about this or are we hesitant and anxious? Whatever feelings we may have, take comfort in this – the Lord is with us. He is faithful and true.
God bless you.
“T.S.P. Hicks” (with T.L.C.)
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